‘Gay Pride’ by Threadless

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Is this the most creative Gay Pride shirt ever? It made quite a splash when it was released in June ’07 at Threadless, the very popular t-shirt site with an emphasis on illustration.  Sadly, the t-shirt is sold out in two of the men’s sizes – medium and large, but one must realize that most Threadless print runs runs don’t last nearly as long. Who knows, maybe there is a reprint in the works.

Now, Before I end this post, I have to point out something else about this t-shirt.  Something I never noticed until reading a comment on the design’s message board:

Has anyone realised how… uh, phallic the lions are? The front ones on the right and left, specifically, are pretty unmistakeably penis-shaped.

That made for a definite “Oh, yeahhh” moment for me.

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