“EX-Homosexual” t-shirt on sale at a Christian website

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Ex-Homosexual T-Shirt

PC4M, a religous activism website, is selling a series of t-shirts aimed at admitting past sins, and thereby denouncing them.  There are many flavors to choose from, including EX-Atheist, EX-Fornicator, EX-Masturbator, EX-Diva, and strangely enough, EX-Hypocrite. My question is, if you do manage to kick something you consider a bad habit, would you advertise the fact to everyone around you?  More importnantly, is there anyone here who thinks they can lay claim to each and every sin on PC4M’s 9-point system? [Via College OTR]

Which of PC4M sins are you guilty of? (You can select as many answers as necessary.)

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I'm a little gay T-Shirt

Whether you’re queer, straight, or just a little bit gay – Kiss Me I’m Queer wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day!

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