“[G]ay” from Threadless

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Threadless [g]ay T-shirt

It’s been a while since I posted a new shirt on this blog, but in my defense awesome gay pride t-shirts don’t just spontaneously appear on tree branches. They do, however, show up in fine clothing retail spaces such as Threadless, where they can be obtained in exchange for an electronically-transmitted monetary payment. Both guys’ and gals’ versions are available, and they even stock iPhone cases and wrapped-canvas wall art pieces.

Legalize Trans

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Legalize Trans T-shirt

The Legalize Trans t-shirt is getting quite popular. [Via Gay Pride TShirts]

Pride Tees @ Threadless

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Gay Pride t-shirt
Iowa ≥ California t-shirt
Unicorn t-shirt

The $9 sale may be over, but in my view these t-shirts from Threadless are worth the price of admission at regular price. Just don’t rawr while wearing one. It might send the wrong message.

Your Last Chance to Win a “Kiss Me I’m Queer T-Shirt”

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Not a Gay Pride t-shirt

Queers United is holding a raffle with the grand prize being one of our gay pride tees (or other items). Today is the last day, but there’ll be more giveaways in the future, so Twitter me or subscribe.

Gay Tees from Loiterink

GAY T-Shirt Cops Are Gay T-Shirt
SHE MAN T-Shirt Scissor Me Timbers T-Shirt

I posted “Clash Of The Titans” back in February, but it looks like Loiterink has some more gay t-shirts in stock. Thanks, Mike, for sending these in.

Bruno Movie: Loved it or hated it?

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GayBy T-Shirt

“Ich am like cocaine, I’m vhite and addictive and alot of guys leave the bathroom with me all over their face.”

There is a lot to like about actor Sacha Baron Cohen, the man behind the Bruno movie. He is fearless and relentless when it comes to pursuing his brand of guerilla comedy, and some would also add tasteless to that list. I for one love the way Sacha uses the Bruno character to expose the vacuous Hollywood elite, and the media who cover it. Some of his other shenanigans, however, like his appearance at the California Prop 8 rally leave me with mixed emotions.

Are you a fan of Bruno?
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Know any queer nerds?

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Nerd Pride

I don’t, but the folks at The Nerdiest Shirts, a Cambridge, MA based t-shirt outfit, have thought of everyone.

The Best of Dyke Tees

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I Has a Flavor T-Shirt Twisted Fister T-Shirt
Can You Queer Me Now T-Shirt Jam Out... T-Shirt

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus as of late, working on a new site – Book Fail. It’s all about bizarre and weird books, the kind your coffee table wouldn’t want to be caught dead with. You know, the How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art variety. There is many more, so be sure to check it out.

Dyke Tees has definitely been on my radar, and they have some of the finest lesbian oriented tees I could find. I especially recommend their Humor and Naughty categories. The Female-Centric section also offers a more serious touch.

This brings me to our latest poll question, which is something I’ve dying to find out…

Which are you more interested in?
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The Ambiguously Gay Duo

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Ambiguously Gay Duo

I can’t say that my life is complete, but this Ambiguously Gay Duo t-shirt might be my best find yet. Please refer to this video if you need to get reacquainted with the SNL skit.

Rainbows: love ‘em or hate ‘em?

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Gay Pride Flag

The last time I ran a poll it got some pretty interesting results, so I thought, why not do another one? This time the focus is on rainbows, the ubiquitous symbol of gay pride. As you very well now, symbols are an essential part of how humans communicate and make sense of the world. However, some of us raise some sensible objections.

In this poll you can enter your own answer, in addition to choosing from the ones already available.

Gay pride Rainbows are...
Total Votes: 215 Started: April 6, 2009 1 = Added by a guest Back to Vote Screen

Oh, and feel free to check out Rainbow Depot for some first rate rainbow gear.

“EX-Homosexual” t-shirt on sale at a Christian website

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Ex-Homosexual T-Shirt

PC4M, a religous activism website, is selling a series of t-shirts aimed at admitting past sins, and thereby denouncing them.  There are many flavors to choose from, including EX-Atheist, EX-Fornicator, EX-Masturbator, EX-Diva, and strangely enough, EX-Hypocrite. My question is, if you do manage to kick something you consider a bad habit, would you advertise the fact to everyone around you?  More importnantly, is there anyone here who thinks they can lay claim to each and every sin on PC4M’s 9-point system? [Via College OTR]

Which of PC4M sins are you guilty of? (You can select as many answers as necessary.)

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Gay Pride tee only $5 during Threadless Spring Sale

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Gay Pride by Threadless

If you liked the subliminal gay pride t-shirt, you’ll be happy to know it’s on sale at Threadless along with many other tees, through 03/23.

Nobody Knows I’m a Lesbian

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Nobody Knows I'm a Lesbian T-Shirt

It’s my goal to keep things fair and balanced at Kiss Me I’m Queer, and when I noticed the lesbian t-shirts category falling behind, I knew it was time to get to work. Thankfully, I didn’t have to look very far, finding this post-worthy “Nobody Knows I’m a Lesbian” t-shirt at Viktor Viktoria.  I can’t say enough about how much good photography can do to elevate a t-shirt design.

It’s a bear market.

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Bear Trick T-Shirt Bear T-Shirt

I just love a bad pun, which probably means that I’m going to hell sooner rather than later, and I couldn’t resist making one here.  In case you missed it, the shirt on the right is a spoof of the Ecko Unltd logo.

Gay t-shirts (what else) from GayTShirt.com

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Catcher T-Shirt Shoot for Distance T-Shirt
Gaytors T-Shirt Dumb Jock T-Shirt

First off, I want give a shoutout to BestGayBlogs for featuring me, and to Buy-Tees for including Kiss Me I’m Queer on their list of top t-shirt review sites. Visitorship is starting to grow bit by bit, as evidenced by you reading this post. You are reading this, right?

Today’s t-shirts were sent in it by Chris and Paul of Buy-Tees, who were sort of curious to see what the gay sector of the online t-shirt world was like, and decided to do a Google search. Gaytshirt.com features several gay-centric brands, including Ajaxxx63 and GBoy, with most the designs based on innuendo of varying degree of ambiguity.  If you ask me – I say pour it on!

Smile if you’re gay!

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Smile if you're gay! T-Shirt

Warning: Wearing this shirt may compromise the status of gay secret agents working hard to maintain their cover as straight secret agents.

Ok, I’ve clearly been watching too much 24 lately, despite season 7 losing the edge it had in earlier episodes. “Smile if you’re gay!” from Vintage Vantage is another example of a shirt that does double duty as a totally hilarious gag when worn around straight people, and as a totally hilarious gag when worn around non-straight people.

In case you really like this shirt, but don’t see your size in stock, a similar t-shirt is available at LGBTshirts. [Thanks, The T-Shirt Blog]

Clash of the Titans @ LoiterInk

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You know, almost every popular mainstream t-shirt site has a gay or lesbian t-shirt on display, and why not?  Whether LoiterInk is going for irony here, or a straight forward message, they are catering to a signifigant audience in the process.

Queer Republic tees lead the way.

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Gaydar T-Shirt Donut Hole T-Shirt
Bottom Feeder T-Shirt Crafty Beaver T-Shirt

It is a delightful occasion to come across a collection of shirts that demonstrates both a sharp wit and a talent for design. Queer Republic is one of those sites, and there if there was ever an award for the best queer t-shirt company, it’d probably win it. Even more impressive is that the site is operated by just one individual.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I'm a little gay T-Shirt

Whether you’re queer, straight, or just a little bit gay – Kiss Me I’m Queer wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day!

Want to be my Valentine? Subscribe to the blog, and receive an e-mail whenever I make post.

‘Gay Pride’ by Threadless

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Is this the most creative Gay Pride shirt ever? It made quite a splash when it was released in June ’07 at Threadless, the very popular t-shirt site with an emphasis on illustration.  Sadly, the t-shirt is sold out in two of the men’s sizes – medium and large, but one must realize that most Threadless print runs runs don’t last nearly as long. Who knows, maybe there is a reprint in the works.

Now, Before I end this post, I have to point out something else about this t-shirt.  Something I never noticed until reading a comment on the design’s message board:

Has anyone realised how… uh, phallic the lions are? The front ones on the right and left, specifically, are pretty unmistakeably penis-shaped.

That made for a definite “Oh, yeahhh” moment for me.